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Event Image 11 Aug 2020
How to Build Team Culture
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We are happy to announce an online public workshop on 'Building Team Culture' on the 20th and 21st of Aug 2020 from 3 pm to 6 pm. This six hour workshop spread across two days will address these questions:
  1. How can a disproportionate focus of managers on culture building give better ROI?
  2. How to diagnose your team culture?
  3. How to co-create culture with your team?
  4. How to change culture?
  5. How do we decide what organizational culture will enable us to realize and sustain strategic differentiation?
  6. How do organizations and teams leverage culture effectively (stories and success formulae)?
  7. How can Managers and Leaders shape culture through their behaviours?
  8. How to build a learning environment that makes culture building- unbuilding and rebuilding effortless?
Participants will be exposed to various culture frameworks, diagnostic tools and cultural change methodologies.
Please click on this link to sign up.