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Gayathri Ramasubban
Manager - QC and Clinical Affairs , EMPE Diagnostics Private Limited
Hyderabad, Telangana
Microbiologist and Molecular Biologist with 19 years of experience working with State Government, Tertiary care centre, Private Multispeciality hospitals with special reference to Tuberculosis, infectious diseases. Seeking a senior technical operations position to leverage my expertise in driving innovation, ensuring quality compliance and leading multidisciplinary teams. Willing to relocate
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Area of Expertise:
  • Capacity Building, Training, Advocacy
  • Health, Doctors, Nurses, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Policy, Research
Professional Experience:
I would like to introduce myself as Dr. Gayathri Ramasubban. I am Microbiologist and Molecular Biologist by Profession. I have 18 years of experience in Mycobacteriology (right from my Master's degree Dissertation till my PhD) with 24 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 1 chapter in a book, and 11 awards to my credit. I am trained by the National Institute for Research for Tuberculosis, Chennai under RNTCP for performing mycobacterial culture, First and second line, Bedaquiline Linezolid DST using Conventional as well as MGIT system and the WHO endorsed molecular diagnostics tests. In my previous assignment, I was employed BY FIND as a Consultant Microbiologist and I was in charge of the IRL, Chennai under NTEP.

With my professional experience, I have honed my abilities in overseeing daily lab activities, coordinating, and mentoring team members, maintaining accurate data records, and facilitating collaborative research projects. My passion for promoting scientific discoveries that can significantly impact public health aligns perfectly with the mission and objectives of your esteemed organization.

Currently, I am working as a QC and Clinical Affairs Manager at EMPE Diagnostics Private Limited, which develops IVD kits to detect MDR-TB and pre-XDR-TB. My present role has helped to understand the lifecycle of the IVD and product development, regulatory requirements, etc. I am a highly motivated and detail-oriented professional with a strong background in managing laboratory operations, conducting scientific research, and designing, and evaluating In vitro diagnostic devices for the detection of infectious diseases.

I have successfully managed complex laboratory projects throughout my career, ensuring adherence to strict protocols and safety standards while fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. I am adept at implementing efficient workflows and optimizing processes to enhance data collection and analysis accuracy and efficiency. My experience in coordinating multi-disciplinary teams and collaborating with researchers/national program Managers from diverse backgrounds enables me to contribute effectively to the varied research initiatives. One of my core strengths is my ability to communicate scientific findings effectively. I have a track record of co-authoring publications in reputable journals, enabling the dissemination of research findings to the broader scientific community.
Thesis Title: “Molecular Techniques in the Identification of MDR-TB and Diagnosis of Tuberculosis”
The key achievements and specific contribution from research study were
(a) Reverse transcriptase (RT-PCR) targeting 85B gene was optimized in the laboratory for the first time and applied on clinical specimens for the detection of viable M. tuberculosis directly from clinical specimens of suspected tuberculous patients.
(b) Phenotypic drug susceptibility testing by BACTEC method was standardized for first line anti- tuberculosis drugs on clinical isolates of M. tuberculosis and 5.6% of M. tuberculosis isolates among adults and 8.7% among children circulating in local population of Chennai were detected as MDR-TB in the study population.
(c) Novel mutations were detected targeting rpoB gene for rifampicin, katG, inhA and oxyR-ahpC for isoniazid, rrs and rpsL for streptomycin, embB for ethambutol and pncA for pyrazinamide in M. tuberculosis isolates from Chennai population by PCR based DNA sequencing technique.
(d) Structural and functional analysis of novel mutations His276Met, Gln295His along with the reported mutation Ser315Thr targeting katG gene using bio-informatics tools showed was demonstrated by application of bio-informatics tools.
Available for:
  • Consulting assignments
  • Job opportunities

    Years of Experience:
    15-20 years
    Highest Qualification:
    English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu
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