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Rate Card

Rate Card (per job) for Indian NGOs for posting on

(Rate Card for International NGOs / UN Agencies)

Payment is accepted online via Credit / Debit Card and Netbanking.

For very small organisations, we can accept payments via bank transfer or cheque.

1. Highlighted Job posting without Logo

           Non-profits: Rs.2250+GST -  Rs. 2655 (pay online)

           For-profits: Rs.3000+GST -  Rs. 3540 (pay online)

2. Highlighted Job posting with Logo 

           Non-profits: Rs.3500+GST  Rs. 4130   (pay online)

           For-profits: Rs.4500+GST -  Rs. 5310   (pay online)

3. Premium Job posting:  Always the Top Jobs with logo!

           Non-profits: Rs.12500+GST   Rs. 14,750 (pay online)

           For-profits: Rs.17500+GST -  Rs. 20,650  (pay online)             

All jobs are posted for maximum 1 month. Generic job notices or multiple jobs in a single notice will be charged at least double the above or more depending on number of jobs.

Rates for RFPs / EOIs / Notices meant for organisations are double the cost of a single job posting. 

RFP Prices:  (Enquire us for price of any generic RFPs / EOIs)

Posting With Logo:

Non-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.7000+GST  Rs. 8260  (pay online)

For-profits (per RFP/Tender):  Rs.9000+GST  Rs. 10620  (pay online)

Posting Without Logo:

 Non-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.4500+GST -  Rs. 5310  (pay online)

 For-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.6000+GST -  Rs. 7080  (pay online)

Premium Posting - RFP/ EOI

Non-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.25000+GST -  Rs.29500  (pay online)

For-profits (per RFP/Tender): Rs.35000+GST -  Rs. 41300  (pay online)


Do you hire throughout the year?

Buy a 10 or 20 highlighted jobs bulk package. There is no expiration date - buy a new package only when all the jobs are used up.


10 Highlighted Jobs: Rs.21000 + GST = Rs.24780/-  (without logo)  

or Rs.33000 + GST = Rs.38940/-  (with logo)

20 Highlighted Jobs: Rs.40000 + GST = Rs.47200/-  (without logo)  

or  Rs.65000 + GST = Rs.76700/- (with logo)


 (includes non-profits making use of recruitment firms)  

10 Highlighted Jobs: Rs.28000 + GST = Rs.33040/-  (without logo)  

or Rs.42000 + GST = Rs.49560/-  (with logo)

20 Highlighted Jobs: Rs.54000 + GST = Rs.63720/-  (without logo)  

or Rs.80000 + GST = Rs.94400/-  (with logo)


Do you wish to display your Banner on our homepage?

Get the widest publicity of your Executive / Academic Courses, Organisational profiles, Conferences, Publications, and more on the largest India development professionals network with over 1 million page views a month!

Banner Posting *

1 month

Rs. 35,000 +GST

2 months

Rs. 60,000 +GST

12 months


*        150 x 150 pixel banner displayed on homepage. Details



Resume Search Credits

Payment is accepted online via Credit / Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard) and NetBanking.

25 Resumes access: Rs. 4000 + GST

50 Resumes access: Rs. 7500  + GST

100 Resumes access: Rs. 12,500  + GST

The cost for resume search for-profits is double the above cost.

Please write to for creation of your account.

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