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Event Image 30 Aug 2023
Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARDS Mission
International Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO)

Inviting Firebrand Influencers, Curators & Evangelist (FICE) to join the prestigious Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and KARMAVEER CHAKRA AWARDS Mission instituted by International Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO) in partnership with the United Nations (UN) and Tangram Consulting.  Experience the Joy of Giving while you learn life, leadership and learning2learn lessons from Real Heroes and Earn Money simply by curating, influencing and evangelising our noble mission for nominating people who are worthy, deserving and are our potential fellows and Karmaveer Chakra award recipients. The founders of ICONGO and Rex - Ideas for Action are the inceptors, creators and promoters of The Joy of Giving, Right Every Wrong, One Billion Hungry, One Billion Rising, Karmaveer Awards, moJOsh Inspirator Learning2Learn system, Karma Kurry Books of Real Heroes, Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Communities, Swachh Bharat Mission, and several other global movements & initiatives in partnership with the UN and other strategic partner organisations from around the world. 

PART-TIME WORK FROM HOME EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY to join as Firebrand Influencer, Curator & Evangelist (FICE) for People who have lost jobs and are currently unemployed (People who are employed may also join, as this a volunteering initiative where everyone is paid a standard honorarium success fee) and also for War Wounded /Retired Armed Forces Veterans, People from the Disabled Community, Students, Youth, Homemakers, NGO Workers, Volunteers, Retired People , Working-Executives and anyone and everyone who is interested in making a difference in our world, while you also earn good money. Earning Potential from INR 25,000 to 2,00,000+++ by working for 2-3 hours from your notebook computer and the comfort of your home, while you enjoy the FREEDOM OF BEING SELF-EMPLOYED or MOVING TOWARDS SELF-EMPLOYMENT. You may also grow within our Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Communities Mission and Karmaveer Chakra Awards and maybe someday even become our CO-FOUNDER, who leads one of our communities (like the ‘Rex Karmaveer Global Youth Fellowship or Rex Karmaveer Global Teachers Fellowship) or events (like ‘The moJOsh magnificent 7- Tmm7’ hybrid knowledge events) or Learning App and other initiatives based on the commitment, merit, discipline, diligence and effort that you INVESTAnyone from 15 to 80+ may apply.

If interested kindly read about us in this advertisement link, on the internet and the 7 booklets given here in the links (which will tell you more about our mission, The moJOsh magnificent 7 (Tmm7) event, Rex Karmaveer Global Youth Fellowship, expectations from our appointed FICE and WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU) carefully and diligently to understand our ethos. It is extremely essential that you as our CHOSEN FICE should be able to read and research well (as this is simply the most important skill for curating and nominating people for the Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra awards) and it is also critical that you get well acquainted with all we do.

IF OUR MISSION CREATIVELY EXCITES YOU and YOU ARE PASSIONATE, KEEN & COMMITTED to DO SOMETHING NOBLE and you have the INNER-FIRE to MAKE A DIFFERENCE simply by NOMINATING REAL HEROES and MAINSTREAMING their TRUE STORIES to INSPIRE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD, while you LEARN FROM THEIR STORIES and EARN GOOD MONEY, then please apply to us by following the criterion given in this advertisement. All applications will be treated as highly confidential and strictly between you and us. 

Please read and review the FICE expectations, FICE guidelines, Karmaveer Trivia, The moJOsh magnificent 7 and Rex Karmaveer Global Youth Fellowship booklets as this would enhance your earning potential and as one of our chosen FICE, you may soon get an opportunity to lead some of our programs/communities like the Rex Karmaveer Global Youth Fellowship or The mojosh magnificent 7 as our Co-Founder.

The REX KARMAVEER GLOBAL FELLOWSHIP MISSION is all about real, unsung & ordinary heroes, who have achieved the EXTRAORDINARY and are making a big difference in our world by being and leading the change. Many of our heroes are people who did not go to school but have ethically and diligently created and built world-class schools, hospitals, and agriculture/social/environmental/renewable energy and other ventures that have created LIVELIHOOD OPPORTUNITIES and a LIFE OF DIGNITY for MILLIONS OF PEOPLE and their CHILDREN. Hence as an organisation and mission that mainstreams REAL HEROES and KARMAVEERS, we do not LAY emphasis on educational qualifications, degrees or certification, but on character, commitment, commonsense, creativity and consistency of our CHOSEN FICE TO BE and LEAD THE CHANGE.

As our CHOSEN Firebrand Influencer, Curator & Evangelist (FICE) you would support our NOBLE MISSION of CELEBRATING REAL HEROES by researching and recognising REAL & UNSUNG HEROES and CHAMPIONS OF CHANGE for the most coveted, celebrated, credible honour, the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards instituted by International Confederation of NGOs (iCONGO)- in partnership with the United Nations (UN). The REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship Recognition is bestowed upon people, who are Champions of Change and making a huge difference in our world and also inspiring others, by changing mindsets. Our EVERYDAY ORDINARY HEROES are people, who are fulfilling their responsibility as HUMAN BEINGS and CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, by making diligent efforts and positive contributions to leave behind a legacy of a better world and future that is better than the one they were born in. We must always remember the ancient native proverb “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

For more details please read the Link and also watch videos and browse through our websites and the Booklets given in this link.

All interested candidates are requested to share their profiles / CV with a photograph along with your statement of purpose about how you will add value to our mission and go beyond as our chosen FICE. Please write to and